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What exactly is a Day Camp?

In one word--F U N. In a few more words---a time for children to come together and experience a variety of new and challenging activities in a very SAFE environment with full-time adult supervision.


Why would my child want to attend Day Camps?

Because we will offer them many exciting and fun opportunities that they otherwise might not be able to take part in. Many children want to go to summer camp but don't want to stay overnight. Many of you parents aren't willing to let your child stay overnight at a camp---yet. Furthermore, many of their friends will be there! Lastly, has your child, during summer holidays, ever said to you, "I'm bored, there's nothing to do"? We can guarantee you--Day Camps are a great alternative.


Does my child have to sign up for a week or the whole summer?

Absolutely NOT, but they can! Day Camps are just that--ONE day at a time, so they can sign up for one day, several days, a whole week, or whatever you and they decide. You can pick a few days here and there or whatever works into your summer schedule. Better yet, you don't have to plan months in advance. As long as we have room, you can register up to two days before the day your child wants to come. It just doesn't get any better.


Will my child be doing the same thing everyday?

NO WAY!! Our plan is to have a similar schedule for the week. However, we will be spending time at various camp locations: Candle Lake, Torch Trail Bible Camp, Stoney Lake Bible Camp, and Tisdale. Even though we have the same routine for the week, the actual days will have different activites and will not be exactly the same.


Are there any other Day Camps in Canada?

Yes, although they are not very common in Saskatchewan. To the best of our knowledge, there are only one or two other ones similar to what we are doing here. They have been in Ontario for many years. So hey, we will be able to offer our children something that very few other communities have.


What does it cost?

The average cost is $44.00 per day per child.


Payments may be made by cheque or email money transfer; ONE WEEK before the day you wish to attend. If paying by cheque, please make payable to: Tisdale Day Camps Inc.


Is Tisdale Day Camps an accredited camp?

YES, Tisdale Day Camps has attained "Accredited" status. Please visit the link https://saskcamps.ca for further information about accreditation.


Are the staff teaching the various skills adequately trained?

YES, when we attend Stoney and Torch and participate in the various skills (horseback riding, swimming, wallclimbing, etc.) their staff has been through various training sessions and are equipped and able to teach these skills. As well, our staff have various levels of expertise, and at least some training in all of the skills.


Are you a "peanut-free" camp?

No, we are not--because our activities will take us to different camps (which are not peanut free) and because we will be going a lot of different places, we simply cannot guarantee a peanut free environment during all of our day camp sessions.


Are you going to teach my child about God?

Yes, we believe that the "spiritual" part of life is just as important as the rest of the fun and activities. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn about God and come to his/her own conclusions about how the Bible can be relevant to his/her own life. Please note that we do not promote any one particular church or denomination.


Can I claim the fees as an expense for income tax purposes?

Yes! We will issue receipts and you can claim the fees as Child Care Expenses. Check with your accountant for further information.

Can I come along as a parent?

We understand your various concerns and we run a very "open" program. However, due to limited space on the bus and various programming restrictions, we may or may not be able to accommodate requests.


How will the children be transported to Stoney and Torch?

The children will be transported to Stoney and Torch via a courtesy service. These are older school buses/vans which are inspected/saftied annually and are well maintained and in good condition. Drivers are properly licensed and insurance is in place for these vehicles.


What about "special needs" campers?

At this point, we are not able to take any campers who need "one on one care"; however, we will consider each individual on a case by case basis. If you as the parent/guardian want to come along to specifically care for your child that day so that he/she can have the camping experience, by all means, contact us and we'll do our best to accomodate you.


What qualifications do the Day Camp Staff have?

The full-time Summer Day Camp Staff will be post high school with varying levels of education, training, and experience. They will also go through specific training relating to these Day Camps. There will also be some volunteers and junior helpers. All full-time staff will be screened and various checks, including Criminal Record Checks, will be performed. All staff will be responsible to the Events Coordinator:Victoria Riley.


Why are you taking children to Stoney and Torch?

We know and trust the leadership at these camps. Stoney offers water activities, and Torch offers horsemanship. They are both within driving distance for a one day trip, and ultimately because Tisdale Day Camps Inc. wants to introduce as many children as possible to the the fun, excitement and learning experience that going to summer camp can provide.


Why are you taking the children to Bible Camps?

You may not be aware, but there are numerous summer camps in Saskatchewan (see the SCA link) of which the majority are "Bible" or "Religious" camps, so there's really not a lot of other choices. Secondly, and more importantly, both Stoney and Torch have a proven track record of over 60 years each. We appreciate the morals, values and principles that these camps stand for and that their staff must adhere to--we think you'll agree that you want the best care possible for your child.


How can you provide all of this for the same price as a babysitter?

We can't--without help. The fees will cover a portion of the total cost and we will rely heavily on advertising and sponsorships by local, interested, and generous businesses/individuals. When you see their name as an advertiser/sponsor, please be sure to thank them. Donations are also accepted. See a list of local supportive businesses on our sponsors page. If you are an individual, own a business or knows someone who does, and are interested in sponsoring us, please contact us.


Who owns Tisdale Day Camps Inc.?

Tisdale Day Camps Inc. is a Non-profit Charitable Corporation and as such no one individual owns nor profits from this entity. We have a Board of Directors who govern the operation and in the event of a dissolution, all assets would be distributed to another registered charity. Contact us for more information.


Will my child be adequately supervised?

YES, your child will be supervised during the complete 8 hour period. The staff/camper ratio will be about 1 to 8.

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