Day Camps in meLoRT 


                   A Typical TORCH Day

 8:50    Register and load the bus

 9:00    Leave for Torch

10:15    Arrive at Torch

10:30   Group 1:  Horseback Riding; Group 2: Alternate activity (wall/archery)

11:30    Group 2:  Horseback Riding; Group 1: Alternate activity (wall/archery) 

12:30    Bag Lunch

   1:15    Bible Story/Singing

   1:45    Swimming in Pool

  2:45    Activity (playground, wide games, bumper balls, pedal cars, etc.)

  3:30    Tuck - Chocolate Bars/Pop/Candy (included in price)   

   3:45    Group photo/load the bus and head back

  5:00    Parents pick up children at Kerry Vickar Centre 


A Typical STONEY Day

8:50    Register and load the bus

9:00    Leave for Stoney

10:10  Arrive at Stoney/Divide into Groups

10:30  1st Activity

11:15    Chapel/Bible Story/Singing

11:45    Bagged Lunch

12:15   2nd Activity

1:00    Beach Time/Pushing Dock,/Swing/Swimming/Waterslide

2:15    3rd Activity

3:15    Tuck--Chocolate Bars/Pop/Candy (included in price)

3:50    Group photo

4:00   Load the bus and head back

5:00    Parents Pick Up Children at Kerry Vickar Centre