Electronics & Robotics:

New to coding and robotics?

Looking for a little extra help or simply a few like-minded individuals to share and explore ideas with.

Then join our science enthusiast for daily instruction and coaching.


Cost:  $75 for all 10 days

(includes starter kit for Arduino Uno,
access to instructional materials,
and a ‘Day Camps’ buff)

Final Projects:


Campers will have the opportunity to submit photos, and or live video footage of their final project.


These will be compiled into a short promo video to be shared via our media platforms (Facebook and or YouTube).

Electronics & Robotics:

Dates and changes due to Covid restrictions TBA

Ages 12-18

Prior to camp, a starter kit for Arduino Uno will be mailed to each participant. ZOOM meeting invite, along with ID and Password will be emailed shortly thereafter. In addition each camper will have access to all instructional videos via a private link on our YouTube channel.

Optional Electronics & Robotics Camp workshops will be held virtually via ZOOM each afternoon. These will be divided into two groups according to age, and level of experience.

Upon the conclusion of camp a follow-up PDF of all instructional materials will be made available.

Sample Schedule:

1:00 Small Group A - ZOOM meeting
  (Set-up/Programming/Assignments/Show & Share)
1:45 Small Group B joins ZOOM call for a short Devo
2:00 Small Group A - Dismissed
2:05 Small Group B – ZOOM meeting
  (Set-up/Programming/Assignments/Show & Share)
2:50 Small Group B - Dismissed

1:00-1:45 – Group A - Optional ZOOM Q&A time
2:00-2:45 – Group B – Optional ZOOM Q & A time